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OAV 8: «Message In Rouge»
Titolo in Italia: «Un terribile equivoco»
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It is autumn, Madoka's father has returned to Japan. She and her friends are invited to his concert. Madoka meets them dressed up nicely, but a bit bashful. Her dad comes out and thanks Kyousuke and friends for taking care of Madoka. Kyousuke thinks - Today, Ayukawa seems like the well-bred girl that she is, completely unlike me. She looks so quiet and peaceful. - Madoka, Kyousuke and Hikaru are sitting in the audience listening to her father conduct Mendelssohn's Italian Symphony. Madoka looks over at Kyousuke and smiles. He thinks - That happy smile must be there because she can be with her father whose work keeps him overseas most of the year. -

Image from the OAV After the concert, Madoka runs backstage to her fathers dressing room with some flowers for him. She stops at the door when she hears a woman's voice inside. It's not her mother! She's had to stay overseas to perform in another concert. Madoka hears her father tell the woman - Shh! Don't move. - Madoka opens the door a crack and looks in, only to see her father kissing a strange woman. A shocked Madoka drops the flowers and runs off.

Outside, Komatsu and Hatta are using some very lame lines trying to pick up girls. Hikaru is surprised that Kyousuke has such low-life friends. Madoka walks up, comments that all men are like that, and walks off. Kyousuke is surprised, - Weren't we supposed to have dinner together? - Hikaru misinterprets Madoka's action. She thinks that Madoka is doing this so that she and Kyousuke, the two lovers, can be alone together all evening.

Image from the OAV At home, Madoka is changing. She sees the family picture on her table, and lays it face down. Her sister asks her to please check the answering machine. There's a message on it from their mom. She asks about the concert, - Did you father play your favorite, Mendelssohn? Or maybe Brahms? - She's worried about her husband, if he's ok and if he did well, but supposes that Madoka will think that this is too mushy. Madoka's sister asks about the messages. Was there one from her boyfriend? He was supposed to go to the concert with her, but didn't. She also tells Madoka that their dad won't be home that evening. His sponsor got him a hotel room near the concert hall.

The next day, Kurumi and Manami are bubbling about the trip they are going on with their dad. Kyousuke tells them to be quiet and just go. He's not going because dad couldn't get another ticket for him this time. Manami asks Jingoro to look after Kyousuke so that he doesn't do anything kinky. This makes him blush furiously, which they also make fun of.

Image from the OAV Madoka is dressed up and putting on lipstick in front of her mirror. Her sister tells her that their dad is leaving the hotel soon to come home and is looking forward to having some of Madoka's cooking. Madoka writes something on the mirror, picks up her suitcase and purse and walks out. The message is "Sayonara. Thanks for everything. Madoka." The wind is blowing as Madoka walks through the town.

Kyousuke is lamenting the fact that it's a long holiday and he's stuck alone at home eating instant ramen. He wishes that, at times like this, Madoka would suddenly show up. She would say - You have to eat real food. Let me cook something for you. - Just then, the doorbell rings. Unfortunately, it's only Komatsu and Hatta. They've heard that Kyousuke is home alone, and have come over to take him out for some entertainment (i.e. picking up girls). No sooner have they dragged him off down the elevator, than Madoka comes up the stairs.

At Abcb, Hikaru finds out that Madoka has run away from home. Master wonders why she has, it's not like her at all. Hikaru goes to call Kyousuke; Master hints that's a good idea since he may know something about it. When Kyousuke doesn't answer the phone, she runs off to search for Madoka.

Madoka is outside Kyousuke's apartment as the phone rings. She starts to write him a note, then decides against it. Outside, she's climbing The Stairs where they met. Reaching the top, she's counted to 100 steps, just like Kyousuke did. She wonders, looks back down, and sees Kyousuke running up the stairs chasing The Red Straw Hat. She reaches out to him, but he fades away, an illusion. The wind blows the autumn leaves past.

That evening, Kyousuke's returning home after a tiring day with Komatsu and Hatta. He comments he just can't keep up with them. Someone sticks him in the back and says - Hold Up! - continuing - What evil things have you been doing? If you don't confess, you'll be dead. - It's Madoka.

Image from the OAV Inside his apartment, Kyousuke explains why he's alone. Madoka comments that she must have come at a dangerous time then. That hurts, but she tells him - just kidding. - When he asks if she's going somewhere with her suitcase, she floors him by saying - I came over to stay with you. - And when he's surprised adds - What if I really did say that? - He replies that she is joking too much.

Since he's here by himself, Madoka offers to cook for him. He wonders if she's joking again, but she means it this time. As she's working in the kitchen, Kyousuke thinks - Seeing her in an apron like this, I get a very happy feeling, somehow. It's as if we were... as if we were newlyweds - and imagines the two of them that way. As they're eating, she's worried if the curry is too spicy for him. He loves it. It's her mom's recipe. Her dad's picky when it comes to curry so... She changes the subject, wanders over, and stares out the window.

Image from the OAV - What's wrong? - asks a concerned Kyousuke. - What if I really meant what I said earlier about staying over? - she asks. - Naturally, I wouldn't object... - Madoka turns to him with a big smile - Then I'm staying. - Kyousuke can't quite believe his ears.

The evening progresses; they're drinking coffee and watching TV. Madoka says - Let's go to bed. I'm kind of tired. - Kyousuke adds that he is too. When she asks where to sleep, Kyousuke thinks it has to be separate beds, of course. He shows her Kurumi and Manami's room - Of course, since they're not here, you can use their beds. - Madoka thanks him and says good-night. Inside, she opens her suitcase to change, and a bottle falls out. In the hall, Jingoro jumps up on a table and knocks the phone off the hook.

Kyousuke is lying on his bed thinking that with him and Ayukawa alone under the same roof, he's not going to be able to sleep tonight. There's a knock on the door, - Can I come in? - It's a blushing Madoka. - Somehow being by myself feels lonely, so... This surprises Kyousuke's. She suggests drinking the bottle of brandy she brought.

Image from the OAV The two are sharing it. Madoka comments - You know, if someone saw us, it would look like we were fooling around. - Kyousuke again asks her if something is wrong. Since she says - Not really - it's ok, but she doesn't seem her usual self. In reply to that, she adds - Do you think that everyone has a different side from their usual selves? Maybe there isn't anyone who is always kind, or always pure... Here, we're out of ice. Could you get some? -

Kyousuke goes to get more, and is worried if Ayukawa will be ok after drinking this much. He also finds the phone that Jingoro knocked off the hook. Kyousuke comes back to his room, to find Madoka lying back on his bed. He notices that she's crying and gently wipes a tear from her eye. When he does this, her thoughts come rushing over and he learns why she ran away from home.

Hikaru calls, she was finally able to get through. She tells him the lady was Madoka's dad's first violinist and pupil, and it was all a misunderstanding. Madoka comes up and hangs the phone up for him. - You've been on it a long time, Kyousuke. -

Image from the OAV Kyousuke then tells Madoka that it might be better if she did go home. She says that, since she's a bother, she'll go somewhere else. Kyousuke stops her. She's surprised when he says - Shh! don't move - (her dad's very words) and wipes something from her eye. - You've got a crooked eyelash. It can hurt if it gets in your eye. - She pauses, takes his hand, and realization comes to her. Kyousuke adds - Remember before, when you said that usually kind people weren't always kind all the time. I think it's ok to believe that they're always kind. -

Kyousuke is carrying Madoka's suitcase and walking her home. She stops him at the top of the stairs and tells him - You don't have to walk me all the way home. - He hands her the suitcase. She adds - Somehow, whenever you tell me something, I believe it. Besides, if we stay together, who knows what we'll do. - Madoka then walks off down the stairs.

As Kyousuke turns around, he's assaulted by Hikaru. She's been looking all over for him; she wants to go looking for Madoka together. Kyousuke replies that he thinks Madoka will be home soon. Hikaru wonders how he knows. - Could it be that it's because you've been together with her this whole time? - Kyousuke worries that Hikaru's figured it out, but she tells him she's just kidding, and he's able to laugh it off.

At home, Madoka sets the picture of her family back up. She then goes off to eat curry with her dad and sister, commenting to herself, - Hmm, curry again? -

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