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OAV 7: «An Unexpected Situation»
Titolo in Italia: «Fidanzato cercasi»
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Akane is only wearing a towel. She drops that and runs to Kyousuke. He says, - We can't! We're cousins. - She begs him not to embarrass her and moves to kiss him. He wakes up, glad that it was only a dream. Then he finds Akane in his room. She has a favor to ask of him; she wants Kyousuke to act as her boyfriend. She explains that she was in Abcb yesterday (watching Madoka) when her friends came in. They teased her about still being interested in girls and not having a boyfriend, saying she was the only one in their class who didn't. Akane denied this and promised to introduce them to her boyfriend the next day. Kyousuke figures out that she wants this just to avoid embarrassment, but agrees anyway. She's glad he does, but his comment that she's to savage to have a boyfriend anyway gets his face kicked into the wall.

Image from the OAV Kyousuke and Akane meet her friends. They aren't impressed with him, - He's pretty average all around. - They don't believe Akane so she tells them that they can come along on their date. - Where will you take us Kyousuke? -
Hikaru finds that Kyousuke isn't at home. She came over with tickets to a concert that he wanted to go to. Manami says that he went out with Akane this morning. Kurumi adds that they're probably at the public pool because he doesn't have much money. Hikaru agrees, and heads off to find him.

At the pool, Kyousuke wonders why he has to pay for everything. He's only got about 800 yen for the rest of the month. He sees Akane playing in the pool with her friends and comments that, playing like this, she seems to be an ordinary girl. Komatsu and Hatta come up and surprise him. They've come to the pool to try and pick up some girls (of course). Akane comes over to Kyousuke and hugs him intimately, asking her friends if they believe her now. They still don't, commenting that they could just be cousins or the like. Kyousuke thinks that, even though Akane is just acting, this is getting pretty intense.

Image from the OAV Akane asks what she has to do to convince her friends. They want her and Kyousuke to drink from the same glass. Sitting at a table with a glass with two straws in it in front of them, Kyousuke and Akane comment this is passe. The friends insist, saying that they're not drinking it because Akane is lying.

Just then, Hikaru comes up and knocks on the window. Akane almost slips and calls her Kyousuke's girlfriend. She then drags Kyousuke off and gets him to go look for her wallet around the pool, claiming she forgot it. With him off doing that, she transforms herself into Kyousuke and talks with Hikaru. She tells her to - Stop following me around. You're becoming annoying. - This shatters her. - Kyousuke - continues that he doesn't want her hanging around any more and she runs off crying.

Kyousuke returns to see her run off and asks Akane what happened. She claims to have explained things to Hikaru so it's ok. They then go back and drink the juice together. Her friends are impressed, but still not convinced. They think of other things that might convince them: a game of twister or a no-hands balloon carry. These things aren't really the right test, so Akane invites everyone over to her house.

Image from the OAV Akane, Kyousuke and her friends are all at her house, drinking. The two friends urge her to show her what she was going to soon, they both don't want to be late for their dates with their boyfriends. Kyousuke is now convinced that this whole thing was a bad idea. Akane gets up, tipsy, and shocks everyone by saying - Let's sleep together, Kyousuke. - He narrates that she got some alcohol in her and really went overboard. She then drags him up the stairs to her bedroom, begging him not to embarrass her. He figures that his dream really was prophetic when she tosses him in onto her bed. Akane, grinning, tells her friends that they can't come in here and closes the door in their faces. - You wanted proof, didn't you? - They're embarrassed to hear her moan - Kyousuke, I'm hot. - - This is the real thing - they comment.

After work, Madoka calls up the Kasuga's. Manami answers, telling her that Kyousuke isn't in, he's over at Akane's. At Madoka's request, she shows her where that is, commenting that her aunt and uncle are out of town. Madoka thanks her, and Kurumi notices that the door is unlocked.

Image from the OAV The three go in and find Akane's friends outside her bedroom listening. Just then, they hear Akane moan - Ah... Kyousuke... Ah... - and they put their ears to the door too. As Akane continues, an embarrassed and angry Madoka pounds on the door asking Kyousuke what he's doing. The door flies open and the gals land in a heap inside. They're surprised to find Kyousuke sitting on a chair beside Akane who's lying in bed talking in her sleep, saying she can't take this anymore. Kyousuke is just as surprised and wonder what his sisters and Madoka are doing here. Madoka wonders the same thing about him. He comments that Akane had to much to drink and all she could do was invite him to her room. She tried so hard to keep up the act.

He continues saying he probably doesn't have the right to say this, since he was in on the deception, but he's not proud of Akane's friends for bragging about their boyfriends and causing all of this. He tells them that it isn't important whether you have a boyfriend or not, that it's not something to be proud of. What's important is how much you care about that person and finding someone you can care that much about.

Image from the OAV Akane's friends are walking home, feeling a bit hollow after this whole affair. They comment about what they're going to do, like write fan mail to a band and play with their teddy bears. They both then realize that the other was lying when they said they had a date with their boyfriend. Madoka is sitting with Kyousuke by the fountain. She asks him why he didn't go for it when he had the chance - Mr. Boyfriend. - He says that he never could do something like that. Madoka says she isn't sure, he seemed to be a pretty good actor, and then smiles at him. He remembers back and narrates that because of the picture of Madoka on the ceiling of Akane's bedroom, he was scared and couldn't do anything.

The next day on the way to school, Akane and her friends figure out that they all lied when they said that they had boyfriends. They make a promise that none of them will have a boyfriend until they all do. As they are talking, Komatsu and Hatta spot them, come out to try and pick up the two gals, not being too picky since they are girls. When Akane turns around, they stop dead in their tracks. She walks past them, turns around and tells them, if they have anything to say, to come out and say it. They don't (now). She then continues that the important thing is to say it from the heart.

Kyousuke and Hikaru are sitting at Abcb. There is a glass with two straws sitting on the counter in front of them. She looks at him, very determined and tells him that she'll forgive him if he drinks this juice with her. - Don't you want to? Please make up your mind. - Kyousuke can't decide, since Madoka is standing right there, drying dishes. She has a little smile on her face. Kyousuke comments that Akane's friends summer is all in front of them, and his summer is going to be hot again this year.

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