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Kimagure Orange Road
OAV 5: Stage of love = Heart on Fire!
«Spring is for Idols»
Titolo in Italia: «Lo scambio»
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Kyousuke is riding down the street on his motorbike. He remembers getting a phone call from Madoka. She wondered about his studies and asked him a favor, since she's very busy. He narrates - This whole thing began on a wonderfully refreshing morning in May when all the young leaves were in bloom. - A truck drives by advertising an Idol Singer. Kyousuke is surprised to find Kurumi, Manami and Hikaru working as staff passing out flyers. Komatsu and Hatta are helping out too, hoping to catch some gals. Kyousuke grabs one of the flyers. It's advertising a Talent Scout Caravan starring Hayakawa Mitsuru.

image from the OAV Shuuichi's band is practicing. Kyousuke is surprised to find Madoka playing the keyboard for them. During a break, Madoka talks with him. The band has passed the tape audition, and will now compete in the next level of the Talent Scout Caravan. Kyousuke asks if she will be in it. The normal keyboard player quit the band, so she has to substitute. He imagines Hayakawa using this as an excuse to advantage of her. Kyousuke comes out of his daydream knocking her over and saying that she shouldn't participate. Madoka slaps him to the cheers of the rest of the band. She thought that she could trust him to take over for her at Abcb during this, but now she can't. She adds that he's acting really weird.

Hayakawa is running away from a horde of female fans. He manages to avoid his pursuers momentarily by ducking into an alley. He is thinking that it would be nice to be an ordinary guy. It's not that he doesn't like girls, but he would like to not have to constantly run from groupies. Kyousuke is staring at a poster of Hayakawa, thinking that it would be nice to be an idol singer, then he wouldn't have to do homework or take exams. As he walks off, he rounds a corner and has Hayakawa slam into him. The two switch bodies. Hayakawa runs off, not realizing that he's in Kyousuke's body now. Kyousuke comes to and is immediately mobbed by the girls, since he looks like Hayakawa.

Image from the OAV Hayakawa stops to catch his breath. Hikaru sneaks up behind him and greets her Darling with a - Guess who? - Hayakawa tells her not to - what if some tabloid reporter saw us. - She counters that their relationship is an open secret anyway, then figures out that he's probably jealous that she's a staff worker for Hayakawa Mitsuru. He insists that he's the Hayakawa she's talking about. After some more disbelief from them both, he sees his face in a store window. He wonders where this ugly face came from, and is crushed. What happened to my cool face?'' Then he realizes that this may not be all bad. Hikaru tells him that he's much better looking than Hayakawa anyway.

Kyousuke tries to tell the girls that he's not Hayakawa, but they don't believe him. He's able to escape for a moment by crawling out under the crowd. Just then a taxi pulls up and the girl inside pulls Kyousuke in, saving him from the groupies. She comments that they finally have met again and calls him Hayakawa Kazuto. - Let me call you by your real name; we're old friends, right? - and gives him a quick kiss. She takes him to a hotel, and Kyousuke ends up falling asleep. He wakes up and is surprised to discover she's taking a shower. He takes this opportunity to find out who she is. She's Shimazu Shiori, a college student.

Image from the OAV After a bit Shiori comes out of the bathroom clad in only a towel. She drops the towel, runs toward him and says - I'm all yours tonight. - Kyousuke wakes up, this last bit was only a dream. Shiori is arranging her hair and is amused at his behavior. She takes him out to dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Hayakawa has taken Hikaru out to dinner. Afterwards, he's ready to get a kiss from her, but she runs off, saying goodbye. He then figures he'll have some fun in this new body and walks off. He runs into Madoka who's closing up Abcb. Seeing her in a passing car's headlights, he realizes there aren't any girls this good looking in show business. He decides to have fun with her tonight, and promises to stay with her until morning. She comments that he's offering to be her knight in shining armor and, after thinking a bit, agrees.

Image from the OAV Kyousuke and Shiori are having dinner at the hotel restaurant. When she reaches over and touches his face, her thoughts come flooding through to him. He finds out that she and Hayakawa were in the broadcasting club in High School. They were in the control booth, talking. Hayakawa told her of his dream to become an idol singer. Shiori remarked that he only wants that to be popular with the girls - What a selfish motive. He almost told her that he loved her, but broke down and said it's that he loves singing. Back in the present, Shiori gets up to leave from the table, thanking Hayakawa for this chance to be together one more time - I'll always be your true fan. - Kyousuke tells her to wait, he'll go with her. He figures the least he can do is bring her to the real Hayakawa.

Image from the OAV Hayakawa and Madoka are taking a walk. They pass by the school and go in. She's surprised by his familiarity with the equipment in the broadcasting room. This brings back memories of the time when he and Shiori were in a similar room. Madoka has found a CD by Hayakawa. When asked, she says that she knows of him - He's that womanizer, right? - Hayakawa tells her that he's not a womanizer, and Madoka counters that he's not Hayakawa Mitsuru. He insists that he is, and says that all idol stars act that way. - What a selfish motive - comments Madoka. This makes Hayakawa remember when Shiori said the same thing to him back in high school. He realizes that he wanted to make it big and make her happy, but that he has forgotten about her recently. He excuses himself and steps out into the hall for a moment to think.

Image from the OAV Kyousuke and Shiori are walking by the high school when they hear Madoka's voice saying Hayakawa's name. Kyousuke tells Shiori to wait, he'll be back soon, and runs inside. He thinks that when he comes back he'll be the real Hayakawa too. Inside Hayakawa hears himself come running down the hall calling Ayukawa's name. Kyousuke comes up and grabs Hayakawa, demanding to know if he did anything to her. - I didn't. I didn't! But I thought about it. - Kyousuke's not pleased about this and slams their heads together, hard.

Kyousuke comes to, back in his own body, just as Madoka comes out to see what all the racket was. She's confused when he asks her if she's all right - You were with me all along. - Then she notices Hayakawa lying on the floor and asks if it really is him. Kyousuke says it is. - If you want an autograph, now's the time. - Outside, Hayakawa walks up to the waiting Shiori and calls her name. - Welcome home - she tells him. - It's good to be back - he replies. Tears come to her eyes, and she runs into his welcoming embrace.

Image from the OAV Madoka looks at the pair and comments that maybe she should take back what she said about Hayakawa being a womanizing idol star. Kyousuke realizes that to Madoka, even an idol superstar is merely another womanizing fellow. She asks Kyousuke about his earlier offer to stay with her until morning. When he naturally doesn't remember, she tells him to forget it. She runs off and he chases after her. Kyousuke is concerned about how much of his power Hayakawa learned about from this experience.

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