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OAV 2: «Hawaiian Suspense»
Titolo in Italia: «Avventure alle Hawaii»
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The OAV opens with scenes on the way to Kyousuke's apartment and room.Madoka is reading a letter to him. - How are you? I'm writing this letter from Hawaii. It's 5 o'clock here. It was a little noisy on the beach, and when I looked the blue sky and ocean and the white sand had changed, in a flash. As if in a dream world everything had turned orange. -

Madoka and Kyousuke are in a hotel room in Hawaii. He narrates, - We were greeting our second morning here. It was heaven, a true paradise. Everything had been fine up until yesterday, but suddenly, without warning, it happened. -

Image from the OAV Kyousuke, Madoka and Hikaru are playing in the pool and on the beach. They are having a good time in this island resort. Tired, the three of them collapse on the beach. Hikaru is overjoyed to be here. Kyousuke is thirsty, so Hikaru offers to go get three sodas. She comments that she read in the newspaper that a rich person on the island has the same name as her. Kyousuke can't find his wallet and realizes he left it in the room. Hikaru volunteers to go, and runs off to get it, she wants to go shopping later and has left hers there too. It turns out that Madoka's parents are performing at a concert in Hawaii, and they have invitedthe three over to attend.

Waiting for the elevator in the hotel lobby, Hikaru notices a strange guy watching her. Upstairs, she runs down the hall to escape him chasing her. Finally, she turns around and demands - Why are you following me around like this? What do you want? - But there is only an empty hallway behind her.

Image from the OAV Back on the beach, Madoka is putting on suntan lotion. Kyousuke is watching her and narrates - In the middle of the Pacific, on this remote island 6200 kilometers from Tokyo, Ayukawa was loosening up and becoming very very attractive... - She completes his surprise by handing him the bottle and asking him to do her back. He does, but when he pauses for a second, she accuses him of having dirty thoughts, which he denies. He does think her smooth back feels very good - She seemed larger than life. - Distracted, his hands get stuck under her bikini straps. - I knew it! - she accuses him. He assures her it was an accident, but cowers ready for a fierce slap from her. His heart skips a beat when, instead, she unties the straps and offers him her unobstructed back to oil. He's almost dazed in the happy vertigo.

Image from the OAV In Kyousuke's room, Hikaru finds his wallet. She hears a knock on the door and wonders if it is they guy from earlier. Looking out the peep-hole, she finds it's someone with a letter for her. Hikaru doesn't notice it's actually addressed to Hikari Hiyama. She opens the door, and he forces his way in, no longer a nice guy.
On the beach, Madoka comments that Hikaru is late; it's been 30 minutes. Kyousuke comments that the concert is at sunset and speculates that she might have gone shopping. Madoka, still worried, goes to look for her, and Kyousuke comes too. Back in the hotel, they find the room ransacked. They wonder if Hikaru's been kidnapped.

The phone rings, and Madoka answers it in English. It's the kidnapers with instructions. Kyousuke grabs at the phone and starts yelling at them. - Who are you? What? No Police! I don't understand. Speak Japanese! - They hang up.

Madoka and Kyousuke are waiting at the specified place for more instructions. They were told to put all their money in a bag and follow the kidnapers instructions if they wanted to see Hikaru again. A kid comes up and gives them a note. - Come to Diamond Head. Queen's Choco. -

Image from the OAV Kyousuke and Madoka ride around a bunch on their bicycles. As they travel around, he thinks that all this is the result of his sending Hikaru to get his wallet. She says maybe they should have called the police. Kyousuke answers that they can't. - That would put Hikaru's life in danger. We have to handle this ourselves. - They arrive at a lookout over the harbor and look around, trying to find the next set of directions. Madoka comments that all this running around is to make sure that they're not being followed. Madoka finds a note on the observation glasses. It reads - Blue Dolphin. - She looks through the glasses and finds a sailboat in the harbor with - Blue Dolphin - prominently on its sail. She shows it to Kyousuke and the two head there. Kyousuke wonders - This is America. What if they point a gun at us? - Madoka has no answer to his question.

Image from the OAV They arrive at the marina at dusk. The boat only has one guard. They sneak aboard and look around inside for Hikaru. They don't find her, but do find a note from the kidnapers. As Kyousuke is trying to read it, the kidnaper does it for him - Hold up, - and hits him with the but of his pistol. Kyousuke and Madoka are dumped, tied up, into a warehouse room. Madoka gets up first and asks Kyousuke - Are you ok? How's your face? - He looks pretty well beat up, but say's that he's fine - I'm used to this. - He tells Madoka to close her eyes - I'm going to cast a spell. - She does, and he uses his powers to remove their bonds. He explains this by telling her that his ancestors were ninja.

They hear crying from the end of the room. It's a gal, she's glad that they are Japanese. She's been mistaken for a company president's daughter, and is very homesick for Japan. She recites a poem about the Japanese countryside, and ends up calling for Kasuga Kyousuke. It's Hikaru. She's overjoyed to find Darling, but is not taking her captivity well. He tells her - Princess, we'll return to Japan together. -

At this point, the kidnapers arrive and throw their suitcase of money on the floor. - The deal's off, you didn't bring enough money. - Madoka replies, - But we're only in Junior High. We don't get that much allowance. - The kidnapers claims that Hikaru is the daughter of the man who owns all the refineries on the island. Hikaru tells them she's not that person, and Madoka translates for the kidnapers. They're going to kill the three anyway and dump them in the ocean for the sharks to eat.

Image from the OAV The two pull their guns, ready to do this. The three kids back up, and Kyousuke uses his powers to make their guns misfire. He then explodes all the lights in the place. Madoka leads them out of the hideout. At the door to the building, she takes out the guard, and Kyousuke picks up the gun he drops.
They are running through a parking garage. A car with one of the kidnapers comes for them. They run from it, but eventually end up at a dead end. As the car is bearing down on them, Madoka takes the gun from Kyousuke, aims at the car and fires. The recoil sends her flying back, but she hits the car and it crashes into the wall. Afterwards, the police are there, taking care of things and filling out reports. Kyousuke narrates that they ended up missing the concert. He also wonders if they'll ever be allowed to come back.

Back in Japan, the camera heads toward Kyousuke's apartment and room. Kyousuke is reading a letter to Madoka. - Greetings, thank you for your letter. In any case, even though a lot happened, we all returned safely home to Japan. But I'll never forget the moment when I genuinely feared for my life. It's been a week since then. Right now, for some reason, things seem a little boring. And I keep thinking that I'd like to go back again with everybody. - And he adds something not written in the letter - PS: To tell the truth, I wish it could be just the two of us... -

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