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OAV 1: «White Lovers»
Titolo in Italia: «Amore sotto zero»
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Kyousuke opens, narrating - This is the story of a strange experience that Ayukawa and I had the time we went to my Grandfather's house. -

Hikaru is singing "Dance in the Sweet Memories" to herself in the bath. She tell Madoka to hurry up, which she does. It's really nice that Grandpa has a hot spring bath right in his house. When Madoka gets in the tub, Hikaru comments that she looks smaller with clothes on; she doesn't have the body of a junior high student. They chase each other around the tub for this comment. Grandpa is taking a look at the two beauties through a crack in the door. When Hikaru wonders where the shampoo is, he hands it to her. Kyousuke happens by and chases Grandpa off just as Hikaru realized that someone handed her the shampoo. She's scared, but then realizes it's Kyousuke. - If you wanted to take a bath with me, why didn't you just say so. - She drags him into the bathhouse, embarrassing him and Madoka.

That evening, everyone is gathered around the fire. Grandpa and Hikaru are extolling the virtues of the in-house-onsen, and she shows some of the clear smooth skin it gave her. Komatsu and Hatta are overjoyed at this thought, and suggest that Kurumi and Manami bathe next but are turned down. The talk changes to skiing tomorrow. Even though there's only one lift, Grandpa says there will be no problem because Kyousuke can use his power. Kyousuke laughs this off as a joke, and does the same when Grandpa levitates him.

Grandpa then mentions that the ski slopes won't be crowded. In fact, few of the locals ski there, especially the young people. - I have something to tell you before going skiing. - He asks Kyousuke - Which of these is your girlfriend? - Kyousuke, embarrassed, demands to know what that has to do with skiing. - If one of them is your girlfriend, you mustn't ski with her.
Remember the legend of nakedness? -

Grandma suggests they turn in and leads Kyousuke, Madoka and Hikaru off to their room. There are only two futons in the room. Kyousuke's embarrassed, Hikaru's overjoyed, and Madoka just frowns. Grandma pushes him and Madoka into the room. When they hesitate, she pushes Hikaru at him and says - Then maybe with her? - Finally, she ends up kidding him - Oh, then all three of you together? You do take after your grandfather. -

The next day, the gang is on the ski slopes. Madoka comes down showing what a good skier she is. Kyousuke is worried about the superstition. Couples that ski together are found naked and dead later. They also have expressions of terror on their face as if they'd seen a ghost. Yuusaku asks to ski with Madoka, that way he won't endanger Hikaru. Hikaru counters and asks Madoka to ski with Kyousuke for the same reason, and goes off with Yuusaku. Komatsu and Hatta are worried about what to do about Kurumi and Manami, but find that the twins have taken care of it themselves by skiing together with Jingoro.

Finally, only Madoka and Kyousuke are left standing on the slope. She heads off down the slope. Kyousuke follows, but is worried since he can barely ski unless he uses his power. - Try to catch me - cries Madoka over her shoulder, laughing. Kyousuke finally catches up with her, but snags her ski-pole, and the two fall and roll into a ``Keep Out'' area. Kyousuke remembers Grandpa's words about couples skiing together.

The reason for the "Keep Out" sign soon becomes evident as an avalanche starts down the mountain toward them. Kyousuke finds a cave in which they can hide safely. It passes them by; they are safe, except that the avalanche has trapped them in the cave. The snow at the mouth is too deep to dig through. Kyousuke also can't use his powers since Madoka is here and would see.

Madoka comments that there's something odd about this cave; it's hot. She starts taking off her clothes. This makes Kyousuke remember the discussion of the naked lovers. Madoka then asks him to take his clothes off too, and begins to when he doesn't. He stops her and does it himself. The two are sitting, naked, in front of each other, and then not just sitting.

He is awakened by a slap from a fully clothed Madoka. - What are you doing?! - He stops undressing and explains that she was taking her clothes off and making him do so too. - You were hallucinating. - Kyousuke realizes - The ghosts gave me a vision. -

Back at the ski lodge, Komatsu and Hatta are trying to get Ushiko to ski with them. They point out the legend and say that they'll take care of her. Ushiko and Umao aren't too pleased with this idea. They do end up going off with different people, just not Komatsu and Hatta.

Back in the cave, Kyousuke tells Madoka of an old village song village that his Grandmother used to sing to him. His grandfather thinks that the song and the nakedness legend are linked. The song says that, long ago, a the village squire's daughter and a hunter's son fell in love, but their parents were opposed to the marriage. The two escaped, ran off and hid in a cave. There, they made a pact that, however they died, they would die together. Running away, pursued by the angry villagers, they slipped and fell into a pit. The boy managed to hold onto the edge with one hand, and the girl with his other. However, his hand eventually cramped, and the girl slipped out of his grip to fall to her death in the lava below. The boy, distraught over her death, eventually killed himself. The girl died thinking that he let go of her to save himself. It is said that her ghost, looking like she burned to death, appears to couples on the mountain. The attacked couple is then turned into a pair of naked corpses.

Madoka tells Kyousuke to stop scaring himself with such tales. He agrees, but says there's something behind him. It's a skeleton. Madoka runs off only to confront another. A great group of zombies appear and begin chasing the two. They run down the cave until they come to a dead end. Kyousuke turns to protect Madoka from them. Now he has to use his power, but it seems to have no effect. They hold each other in fright, and the zombies soon disappear.

Kyousuke tells Madoka that it was just a dream, that's the only thing that could explain it. Then they both hear an old woman singing the song. The place shakes, and the floor collapses beneath them. Kyousuke is left hanging by one hand from the edge, and holding Madoka by the other as she dangles over a lava pit. The ghost of the girl appears and tells him to let go of her hand. - If you let go, you can save yourself just like the boy who betrayed me. - Kyousuke explains that it wasn't that way.

The ghost knows, but that changes nothing; he let her go. She then shoots a beam at Kyousuke and Madoka's clasped hands, demanding he let go. Madoka also begs him to let go and save himself. Kyousuke says he can't hold on any more. The ghost is glad he's finally changed his mind. He says he hasn't, however, and doesn't let go of Madoka, but rather of the ledge. The two fall, holding each other in their arms. The ghost covers her face. When she uncovers it, she is the happy young girl of the story, who says - Thank you! -

Kyousuke and Madoka wake up out on the mountainside, holding hands. They're both ok. They see a sparkling pillar of sunlight through the clouds, and inside this, see the couple from the song ascending together. Madoka looks at Kyousuke and asks - How long are you going to keep holding my hand. -
The two laugh and run off chasing each other.

- And that was the strange experience Ayukawa and I had - narrates Kyousuke.

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